Three Butterflies – forum gallery stitching card of the week

By | Wednesday 14 September 2011

This week’s card is called Three Butterflies and was made by Must love cats. This lovely card was made using the Stitching Cards Free Butterfly Pattern.

Must love cats said; “I adapted the free Stitching Cards “Butterfly” pattern to make this card. I added a gold thread border around each butterfly and then used an edging ruler to get the “torn” edge neat. I reduced the butterflies to fit the pattern but did not reduce the number of holes in the pattern, so in places the holes were very close together. I backed these areas with cellotape so that they did not tear. I did reduce the number of beads by half. It was inspired by a stamped card in the F-A-L gallery.”

Cards featured here must have been posted in either the Stitching Cards forum gallery or the Forum-A-Lines forum gallery. The card should be based on a Stitching Cards pattern or a Form-A-Lines pattern. This picture was posted in the Stitching Cards forum gallery.

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