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Flower Border stitching card patterns added at Pinbroidery

Six new flower border stitching card designs have been added to the Pinbroidery pattern collection. Each card has a different stitched greeting: Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Best Wishes, Thinking of You, With Love and Good Luck. The greetings could be substituted for alternative stitched words, stickers, decoupage or motifs.

The patterns are available in the following sizes:
Square format of 144 x 144 mm (5.65 x 5.65 inches).
Rectangular format of 152 x 104 mm (6 x 4½ inches).

The patterns are available individually and in value packs of six designs.

The Value packs can be found on the following web pages:

PinBroidery Value Pack No. 11: Flower Borders Square patterns

PinBroidery Value Pack No. 12: Flower Borders Rectangle patterns

The individual patterns are in the flower section at:

PinBroidery Flower patterns

Gnome and fairy patterns added at Stitching Cards

Three garden gnome patterns and three fairy patterns have been added to the Stitching Cards collection.

There is a gnome fishing, a gnome sleeping and a gnome with wheelbarrow. These make amusing cards for garden enthusiasts and would be suitable for birthdays, retirements and other messages.

A fairy standing, a fairy kneeling and a fairy leaping are combined with Art Nouveau inspired roses. They make beautiful cards for many occasions, especially for young girls.

The patterns are available individually and in a value pack of all six designs. The pattern size is 152 mm x 104 mm (6 x 4½ inches).

Laminate your pricking pattern to extend its life

Here is a quick tip sent to me by Barry Radburn. If you laminate your stitching card pricking pattern you can use it many times without having to re-print it. If you don’t have a laminating machine a good alternative is to put your pattern in a standard 150 mm x 100 mm (6 inch x 4 inch) photo sleeve. These are made from 2 mil clear polypropylene plastic.